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      1. About Us
        NO.19 Guang chen Road Zhongluotan Town Baiyun District Guangzhou City
        Hao Tian Philosophy
        Business Philosophy
        Houdezaiwu, holding integrity of mutual benefit and win-win.
        Management philosophy
        Corporate matters with a rigorous, scientific, efficient and lawful manner. A fair, impartial, objective and rigorous attitude towards each employee.
        Sales Philosophy
        Occupying the market with excellent quality, won customers. Professional attitude to customers recommend the ideal product.
        Service Philosophy
        With sincere, enthusiastic attitude to customer service 100%. Conscience to do things, establish a national brand of plastic to give back to the community.
        Of humanism
        For employees to create a comfortable working environment, accompanied by meticulous humanistic care. One for all, all for one.
        Hao Tian team
        Team's mien

        We have such a group of lovely people, they come from all corners of the country, but have a common ideal.
        They always smile, because they are optimistic and confident.
        We firmly believe that there is no perfect individual, only a perfect team; we have a common goal, with common ideals, we brave struggle, defying setbacks; we unite and understand each other, mutual trust, because we firmly believe that we will achieve Hao Tian's ideal.

        Activities in the form of rich and colorful, our activities simple and special.
        Courtesy and hygiene has always been the main theme of the company, colleagues regularly exchange some of their recent stories about the courtesy, or some of the traditional Chinese virtues; collective cleaning, for each student is a student memories of the times, now The company also encourages everyone to work together, so that both closer to each other, but also enhance the collective consciousness, we sweat together, share happiness.
        From the little things to start, bit by bit together into the source of the spirit of Haotian.
        Hao Tian Course